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h1. How To Build a .DLL From a .RC Script

1) Get Visual C++ Express from Microsoft (the Express version is free):


2) To create a resource-only DLL, you create a new Win32 DLL (non-MFC) project, add your script, then build the project.

Detailed Steps:

* *File / New / Project*
* *Select Win32 Project in the New Project dialog.*
* *Give the Project a name (usually the name of the DLL).*


* *Click _Next_ to begin the Win32 Application Wizard.*


* *Specify a DLL project type in the Win32 Application Wizard.*
* *Click _Finish_.*


* *Project / Preferences* from the menu to get the Property Pages for your project.
* *Configuration Properties / Linker / Advanced*
* *Specify the /NOENTRY linker option.* /NOENTRY prevents the linker from linking a reference to _main into the DLL; this option is required to create a resource-only DLL.


* *Project / On the Project menu, *click Add Existing Item*


* *Navigate to your
and insert the new .rc script.*
* *Click _Add_ to add your .rc script to
file into the project.* project.

!HowToBuildDllFromRc07.jpg! !HowToBuildDllFromRc05.jpg!

* *Choose _Release_* in *Build the Solution Configuration box. DLL.*




* *Build the Solution.*


* *Look in the Output Window to see whether your build was successful.