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Welcome to the Starport Forge - a development environment for everything related to Freelancer.
Be it mods or tools, you can host it here.

To request a new project, please post in the following thread:

If you need SVN support, be sure to check out the module settings and activate the "Repository" module.
In case you already have an SVN solution running, you can fill in the data in the repository module settings tab.
If you would like to use the Starport SVN server, please just activate the repository module but do not set up anything. The SVN repository will be created within one hour and you will then see the URL of the repository in the repository module settings tab.

It is possible to make your project private (also private SVN access!). To do that, simply uncheck "public" in your project settings.

For further tips on how to use this Forge, check the following link:
Also, if you have any questions, feel free to post them here:

Be responsible!
Only use this service for development purposes.
While we dont want to impose hard limits on file sizes, please dont go overboard.
Post your final release files on the main Starport website.

Now have fun developing and managing your Freelancer related projects!
The Starport Administration

Latest news

DS Account Manager: Project available on SVN
Added by cannon over 12 years ago

Homlt Adventuary: Suite
Added by sg1vlt over 12 years ago

Homlt Adventuary: Homlt Adventuary V0.9 BĂȘta
Homlt Adventuary V0.9 BĂȘta est enfin disponible !
Added by sg1vlt over 12 years ago

Homlt Adventuary: la version beta 0.1 sera bientot disponible
Added by sg1vlt over 12 years ago

Adventures of Trent: Adventures of Trent 1.5 UPGRADES:
Added by Bullwinkle over 13 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Freeworlds: Tides of War Public Tracker (03/22/2015 08:47 PM)
  • DSAM x64 (03/02/2015 04:44 PM)

    x64 version of DSAM running under Framework 4.0. The application is much more responsive and is less likely to cause out of memory exceptions on large databases.

    Please note that the transaction timer is set to 60 seconds instead of 10 seconds on this version and we do not recommend to lower it....

  • FLScanII (02/03/2012 03:57 AM)

    A reboot of FLScan to detect the errors that existing tools miss.

  • Discovery Freelancer Spanish (08/18/2011 08:42 PM)

    This is a project already started on 2009, and it's simply the full translation to spanish of Freelancer aswell as the Discovery Freelancer MOD. Most of the 4.85 version is already made, but still, i know we'll have a lot more of work with the new version comming soon....

  • Freelancer Mod Manager (03/15/2011 09:08 AM)

    Tired of all the effort it takes to apply mods? Freelancer Mod Manager changes all that by letting you instantly and easily activate and deactivate mods whenever you want. It backs up files before modifying them, and does three levels of error detection before activating a mod. It also lets you download and install mods with one click from a web page, by use of a custom file format ( or modName.7z.flmod or modName.rar.flmod or just modName.flmod)....