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09:20 PM DS Account Manager Revision 50: implemented loading id2 from login_XXXX.ini
03:01 PM DS Account Manager Revision 49: Implemented new hash-loading-system
02:20 PM DS Account Manager Revision 48: Replaced hash&ip-textbox by listview
01:15 PM DS Account Manager Revision 47: Added properties for new login-id-system


08:14 AM FLScanII Revision 77: Fixed TexturePanel parsing


12:47 PM FLScanII Revision 76: Removed a few crash-possibilities
More field-checks
Improved setting-not-found message
Improved doubled-id message
12:13 PM FLScanII Revision 75: ValueFinder:
Made code more readable
Added a checkbox to exclude numeric-values as they aren't checkable
Added feature to scan all...


10:02 PM FLScanII
FLScanII 1.2
10:00 PM FLScanII Revision 74: Better exception message when a requested settings' value is out of range
Changed version to 1.2
09:59 AM FLScanII Revision 73: Basic asteroid-, nebula- and ring-file-checks
Fixed html-log column bug
Fixed crash-bug with missing file-settings in universe.ini

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