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Version 2.1 is here!

Added by cannon over 13 years ago

==== Changes in 2.1 ====

  • Reads the model materials from the parent and grandparent directories; expands the root node automatically; and shows the model for .3db and .sph files.
  • Displays the model scale as a number; removes the shortcut keys from the node's right-click menu, adding accelerator keys to the buttons (and adds a rename button, tweaks the rename dialog). The diff is still based on the original release.
  • Fixed LancerSolurus's name.

Development release of UTF Editor available

Added by cannon over 13 years ago

  • Added animation channel editor.
  • Added automatic CRC update for VMeshRefs when the VMeshData name is edited
  • Added model view that updates when Pris/Rev/Fix data is edited.
  • Added VMeshRef editor.
  • Added a slighty buggy yaw/pitch/roll rotation interpreter for the fix editor (it's good enough and I'm sick of euler/matrix conversions.)


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