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Wiki Evelancer, What is it? Why does it sound familiar?

Well for one Evelancer is the combamation of two great games into one world, well one universe. It takes the Microsoft game Freelancer and removes all from it and then adds all four main races from Eve-online including there ships, weapons, and hopefuly there military. There will also be the sleepers and rouge drones acting as the part of the Nomands, including the Jove empire but like Eve will be close to player interactions.

As for the changes to Freelancer, there will be many.

1) Most importanly say bye bye to the trade lanes as they will be going in favor of warping around like Eve-online. But there will ne markers to guide you were the trade lines once stood.

2) Each house will be renamed and there systems will be expanded to 21 systems, with 1 home, 4 high, and 16 low sercerity space surrounding each other in a ring, or in a random assortment. The Liberty will become Caldari, the Bretonia will become the Gallente, Rheinland the minmater, and Kusari will become the Amarr.

3) Each ship will have one loadout but allow many differant weapons on said loadout. Each race will have there own powersupplys and power needs for there type of weapon. Ie Amarr will have the greatest power, and greatest power need of there lasers. The Caldari and Gallente will have the lest amount of power and there missles and hybrid guns will use the lest amount of power.

4) ALL ships will have a reduction in hitpoints, as the weapon damages for normal ships will all be 100 or less. Capital ship weapons will have something done to reduce the times they will hit the smaller faster ships. So there will be no oneshooting ships with a dreadnaught or titans.

5) more added as plans are laid out.

6) Ship list will be put up once finilised.

All ships and items from Eve-online are the property of CCP Games™ and are being used with permission.