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Bullwinkle, 05/10/2010 10:19 AM

Forge Tips

Collected Tips about using the-Starport Forge -- Bullwinkle

What's New -- Keeping Track of Your Team
Using the Wiki
Files Module


You can add and manage your own sub-projects as you like. There are many uses for sub-projects. One that we found immediately useful was to keep our main project Public, and create a Private Development sub-project.

That way, the team can work in privacy, and still publish finished work in the Public project:

Main Project (Public)
  • Wiki
  • Files
  • News
Dev Sub-Project (Private)
  • Wiki
  • Forums
  • Issues (bug tracker)
  • Repository (SubVersion Version Control)
  • Activity
  • Files

What's New -- Keeping Track of Your Team

If your team is busy making updates to your mod or project documentation, then it can be challenging to keep track of who has changed what recently. Two features of the Forge help you to see What's New:

Activity Page

Look at the Activity Page for a quick way to see What's New in your project. Use the filter checkboxes on the right to select which items you want to see on the Activity Page:


Many of the project pages can be "Watched", which means that you will get an email when that page changes.

For example, if you keep track of team chatter (questions, answers, decisions) by using a private Forum, then you might want to receive an email when a team member makes a post. Wiki (and other) pages can also be Watched. To set a Watch, look for a small "Watch" button in the upper right-hand corner of the page:

Using the Wiki

The Wiki on the Adventures of Trent Forge is powerful and easy to use. You can make many kinds of web pages with it.

Use the buttons at the top of the page to insert formatting codes, or just memorize them.

If you want to create a new page, simply create a link to a new page with a unique name (in Edit mode). Then, click the link (in Read mode) to create the new page.

This is a link in Edit Mode:

2) To Cancel your editing session and return to Read mode, click Wiki on the Forge toolbar:

You should now be in Read mode. Simply click your new link to create a new page.

Files Module

The Files module gives you a place to host files for the public, such as a version of a mod. Once uploaded to the Forge, Files cannot be renamed or moved. The reason for this is that each file in the Files module gets a URL so that you can link to the file from elsewhere (such as the-Starport forum, for example).

In order to keep your Files organized, you can use Versions to mimic sub-folders. In Settings, Create a New Version:

The Version Name is what users will see in the Files listing as a header -- similar to a folder.
The Optional Wiki Page is the name of a page in your project's Wiki that is linked to this Version's Files.

Go to the Files Module, and click New File to upload a file.
In the New File dialog, use the pull-down menu to choose the Version/Folder where you want the file.

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