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Adventures of Trent

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The ongoing Adventures of Trent, both before and after the vanilla Freelancer story line.

The Adventures begin before the disaster at Freeport 7, as Trent pursues his dream of a million-credit cargo run. He encounters some, um... "interfence" along the way... (smile)

Adventures of Trent is built using "BDSL 1.25" as base and continues the stories of "Trent the Monkey King".

-- Rasauul, Flybyu and Bullwinkle
-- with contributions by many Freelancer modders (see credits below).

Adventures of Trent 1.5 FEATURES:

Prequel to Freeport 7 Mission
Mission 14
Many minor upgrades to Story Line action
More Non-Player-Character (NPC or AI) ships going about their business as you explore the Sirius Sector.
Better shield on Tobias racer.
Many bugs fixed.
Upgraded the fonts for a nicer look.
added long fl intro & dev talk intros.
New special effects.
New ships, planets, and bases.


Trent the Monkey King 1.0 was Rasauul'ss first storyline mod and is a big part of upcoming Adventures of Trent

For "BigDaddy StoryLine 1.25"
(Inspiration and humor in text, plus a great storyline upgrade)
(several great scripts)
(Mod base)
by FlyByU ()

Why85's Itano Circus
effects and models

For "Freeport 7 Cinematic Mod"
(Alternate Nomad battleship OPEN SP intro)
By Coolbeano

For "Star Trek Sound MOD v1.0"
(great UI sounds)
by Admiral James T. Kirk

For "Rebalance Char Editor"
(script and accessories for player customization)
By Michael Dan

For "Alien sampler"
(Alien heads for player customization)
By KYJellyFish

for "1001 BEFORE FP7"
(this Prequel is so nice, decided to implement it right off)
(+ this helped me get started with storylining)
By 1001

For "Shrouded Worlds 9.01: Sirius - Beyond The Revenge"
(This was my favorite mod and what got me into modding)
(most of the ships including the Katana, what a great ride)
by Chili
credit goes to Hummel, El Stupido, Byros, Arte, Xanas, OLDMAN, Dwork
and everyone in NiMa Community. (

For "Discovery Freelancer Mod v4.84"
(OPTIONS, this helped make Storyline and open SP work)
(the DLL making it possible to dock at 19k, hated 10k docking)
(Several ships, especially the Nephtys)
by Igiss ()

For Help
Ruppetthemuppet ()
Author of cold THNs among others

For "Flak 88 mod"
(menu THNs)
By 'fox' Unit 01

for "AnubisFSMod"
(Spicing up the Anubis)
(for Humor, see the read me :)
by Kasdia ()

For "Psionic Ship Pack 1.1"
(i used the Psionic aka the Warblade for "Tobias old racer")
by Gibbon and Psionic

For "Crossfire 1.70"
(low cut sexy Juni)

For "FLMM"
Matthew "IGx89" Lieder

For lots of tutorials and ErrorChecker!

For lots of tutorials






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