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This is a Mission Mod: The ongoing Adventures of Trent -- Mission 14 and beyond. Adds at least two new missions to the story line, along with improvements to AI, ships, weapons, equipment, and effects.

Adventures of Trent is an upgrade to the combined Big Daddy Story Line 1.25 and Trent, the Monkey King 1.0 mods, with bug fixes and new features and upgrades.

By modders: Rasauul, Flybyu & Bullwinkle.

Adventures of Trent 1.5 UPGRADES:

Added bigger drawrange for spawns.
Fixed sur on Tobias racer.
Fixed ship issues.
Upgraded the fonts for a nicer look.
added long fl intro & dev talk intros.
Fixed Mbase errors.
Added many effects from the Itano Circus mod (with permission).
Added a few models from Itano.
Fixed encounters errors.
Fixed universe errors.
Fixed alot of different small errors.
Simplified the script.

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