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  • Discovery Freelancer Spanish

    This is a project already started on 2009, and it's simply the full translation to spanish of Freelancer aswell as the Discovery Freelancer MOD. Most of the 4.85 version is already made, but still, i know we'll have a lot more of work with the new version comming soon....

  • 3DS Max CMP Exporter

    A .cmp exporter for Autodesk 3D Studio Max.

  • Adventures of Trent


    This is a Mission Mod: The ongoing Adventures of Trent -- Mission 14 and beyond. Adds at least two new missions to the story line, along with improvements to AI, ships, weapons, equipment, and effects.

    Adventures of Trent is an upgrade to the combined Big Daddy Story Line 1.25 and Trent, the Monkey King 1.0 mods, with bug fixes and new features and upgrades. ...

  • DelayDisplay

    Adds cooldown timer display in the weapons HUD - weapons with a 1 second or higher refire delay will have the time remaining printed next to the ammunition (or in its place if the weapon does not use ammunition).

  • Discovery of Discovery

    Server-side version-independent modification of popular mod for very busy players who do not want to spend all their free time to earn cash in game for good ship.
    Main features: System/Bases Counquest and Space objects destruction, in other words "Destructible Universe with conquest"....

  • DS Account Manager

    A player account manager built to replace IonCross. Supports editing individual player information, searching and statistics generation. Works best with FLHook Plugin.

    Here's the svn url

  • DS Process Manager

    A server process manager to restart/start FLServer when it crashes. It program also includes chat logging, IP logging and an online player list. Works best with FLHook Plugin.

  • DS Update

    A DLL based auto-updater that is started automatically when Freelancer is started. It downloads zip based update packages from web servers making it easy to support mirrored servers.

  • DSAM x64

    x64 version of DSAM running under Framework 4.0. The application is much more responsive and is less likely to cause out of memory exceptions on large databases.

    Please note that the transaction timer is set to 60 seconds instead of 10 seconds on this version and we do not recommend to lower it....

  • Eve-online Freelancer

    This Mod is a total conversion of Freelancer with the items, ships, and races of Eve-online. Each house will be renamed as one of the major races of Eve-online and all ships within that race will become that house's ships. Project created with CCP Games™ knowledge and approval. ...

  • FLHook Plugin

    This repository is no longer maintained or tracked.

    For further development and issues, please use the official GitHub repository here:

  • FLScanII

    A reboot of FLScan to detect the errors that existing tools miss.

  • Freelancer Developer

    Freelancer Developer is a multipurpose tool that helps modders in various ways. It currently includes an automation tool, a DLL editor, a CRC database maker and a series of mathematical utilities.

  • Freelancer Mod Manager

    Tired of all the effort it takes to apply mods? Freelancer Mod Manager changes all that by letting you instantly and easily activate and deactivate mods whenever you want. It backs up files before modifying them, and does three levels of error detection before activating a mod. It also lets you download and install mods with one click from a web page, by use of a custom file format ( or modName.7z.flmod or modName.rar.flmod or just modName.flmod)....

  • Freelancer: Clan Wars

    A Clan Wars mod. The backbone of the project is to give players/clans the ability to get a server up in minutes, and get up and fighting in no-time. Features include new systems, new ships, player-flyable capships, PvP and PvE systems, and more.

  • Freelancer: The Knowledge

    The mod continiues the Freelancer storyline and challenges the player to explore new worlds, face new species, and choose between many new factions (with the original ones). The mod is actually a fusion of many ideas in one place, and extends the Freelancer universe by adding several new sectors. New missions expected too....

  • Lancer Solurus Projects

    Lancer Solurus has retired from Freelancer, but we maintain his excellent projects here, beginning with the SUR Builder.

    These are not open-source projects. Lancer reserves all rights to the source code and participation in these projects require his approval. Developers may not distribute Lancer's code, or use it in other projects, without his written permission....

  • MultiCruise

    Allows engines to have cruise speeds that are different than the CRUISING_SPEED constant via a cruise_speed entry in [Engine] blocks.

  • MultiIntro

    Allows more than three intro screens to be displayed. It will also pick one at random when returning to the intro screen instead of sticking to the one chosen at startup.

  • New Universe

    NU is a modifocation running on our server.
    It adds systems stations and ships from our favourit SciFi series to the existing FL universe.
    It also contains harder KI reworked Vanilla stuff (textures etc.) and customized clan stuff.
    There's alot more stuff but i'm to busy to write it all down now....

  • UTFEditor

    An updated/reimplemented version of the UTF Editor that is similar to the one released by Colin Sanby and Mario Brito. Source code included. This version adds a model viewer and improves animation related tools.

    The SVN development head is available from

Also available in: Atom