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DS Account Manager: Project available on SVN

Added by cannon almost 12 years ago

I have moved this project onto the forge's SVN repository. Here's the svn url

If you want to include your changes, submit a patch to one of the developers.

Homlt Adventuary: Suite

Added by sg1vlt about 12 years ago

Je reflechis a un projet H'adv avance mons vite donc^^

Homlt Adventuary: Homlt Adventuary V0.9 Bêta

Added by sg1vlt over 12 years ago

voici le liens pour le télecharger:

Merci de suivre les instruction d'intalation du Wiki

Bonne exploration ;)

Homlt Adventuary: la version beta 0.1 sera bientot disponible

Added by sg1vlt over 12 years ago

création d'omega 6 (apparence fini)
-création de sigma 28 (debut)
-resolution du problem du soleil de inconnu
info card et nom provisoir pour les planetes de o6 et les planetes de inconnu

Adventures of Trent: Adventures of Trent 1.5 UPGRADES:

Added by Bullwinkle almost 13 years ago

Adventures of Trent 1.5 UPGRADES:

Added bigger drawrange for spawns.
Fixed sur on Tobias racer.
Fixed ship issues.
Upgraded the fonts for a nicer look.
added long fl intro & dev talk intros.
Fixed Mbase errors.
Added alot of effects from the Itano Circus mod (with permission).
Added a few models from Itano.
Fixed encounters errors.
Fixed universe errors.
Fixed alot of different small errors.
Simplified the script.

UTFEditor: Version 2.1 is here!

Added by cannon about 13 years ago

==== Changes in 2.1 ====

  • Reads the model materials from the parent and grandparent directories; expands the root node automatically; and shows the model for .3db and .sph files.
  • Displays the model scale as a number; removes the shortcut keys from the node's right-click menu, adding accelerator keys to the buttons (and adds a rename button, tweaks the rename dialog). The diff is still based on the original release.
  • Fixed LancerSolurus's name.

UTFEditor: Development release of UTF Editor available

Added by cannon about 13 years ago

  • Added animation channel editor.
  • Added automatic CRC update for VMeshRefs when the VMeshData name is edited
  • Added model view that updates when Pris/Rev/Fix data is edited.
  • Added VMeshRef editor.
  • Added a slighty buggy yaw/pitch/roll rotation interpreter for the fix editor (it's good enough and I'm sick of euler/matrix conversions.)

DS Account Manager: Version 1.1 Released

Added by cannon about 13 years ago

A minor update to fix a number of bugs. Unfortunately I've forgotten what the bugs were and I am too lazy to check the SVN history. As usual both the source and executable is included. See the files section to down.

DS Process Manager: Version 2.2 Released

Added by cannon about 13 years ago

A minor update to properly terminate all background threads when the program is stopped.

DS Update: Version 1.0 restored

Added by cannon about 13 years ago

The executable and source code for version 1.0 of the update dll has been uploaded. You can find it in the files section.


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